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  • Intabulation of the unfinished buildings, 2016-11-04

    Those who want to enroll in the land the unfinished buildings will be able to do it, starting tomorrow, based on a certificate of achievement, provides a law recently published in the Official Gazette. The document also brings, buildings and other facilities for beneficiaries such as emergency authorization.


  • How to get FREE certificate of inheritance., 2016-10-28

    Cooperation protocol for issuing the certificate of inheritance FREE! By order of the President of the National Agency for Cadastre and Registration (ANCPI) was approved protocol of collaboration with the National Union of Public Notaries in Romania (UNNPR) on the procedure of issue and payment of fees for the issue of heir certificates heir additional legatee certificates and certificates of succession holiday in conducting the national Programme for cadastre and land registry. Order no. 1125/2016 was published in the Official Gazette no. 758/2016, and Protocol will cease within 2 years after completion of the Program.


  • Law no.77 / 2016 on commissioning of immovable property payment on redemption obligations through loans., 2016-10-27

    Law no.77 / 2016 on commissioning of immovable property payment on redemption obligations through loans. The Constitutional Court upheld the objection of unconstitutionality and found that the provisions of Article 11 relative to the first sentence of the second sentence of Article 3, Article 4, Article 7 and Article 8 of the Law no.77 / 2016 are constitutional only if the court verifies the conditions of the existence of unpredictability. So the courts before which actions were introduced under Law No.77 / 2016 will be required to verify the conditions of the existence of hardship and apply.



    Protocol de colaborare pentru eliberarea GRATUITĂ a certificatului de moștenitor! Prin ordin al preşedintelului Agenţiei Naţionale de Cadastru şi Publicitate Imobiliară (ANCPI) a fost aprobat Protocolul de colaborare cu Uniunea Naţională a Notarilor Publici din România (UNNPR) privind procedura eliberării şi a plăţii onorariilor pentru eliberarea certificatelor de moştenitor, a certificatelor de moştenitor suplimentar, a certificatelor de legatar şi a certificatelor de vacanţă succesorală, în derularea Programului naţional de cadastru şi carte funciară.